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Why I (Mostly) Shoot JPEG by Joe Farace (via Photofocus)

A very well written article about the JPEG vs RAW debate. I find that I tend to switch back and forth depending on what I plan on doing with the image.

Why I (Mostly) Shoot JPEG by Joe Farace EDITOR’S NOTE: My pal Joe Farace writes his counterpoint here to my post Here’s Why I Shoot RAW Post & Photo by Joe Farace – Follow Joe on Twitter One of digital photography’s seven deadly sins is shooting in JPEG format, when everybody know that if you’re a serious photographer ya ‘gotta shoot RAW. So now its time for me to raise my hand and admit, “My name is Joe and I’m a JPEG shooter.” It’s not that I never shoot in RAW format, sometimes … Read More

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Here’s Why I Shoot RAW (via Photofocus)

The reasons in this article are why I run CHDK on my Canon A720IS and shoot in Raw mode with my Pentax K-5. I actually store them as DNG files with my K-5,  I feel it is a good idea to go with a published standard instead of a proprietary format. The more data that you can get into the computer, the more control of the resulting image you have.

Here's Why I Shoot RAW People seem to still struggle with this. Should you shoot JPEG or RAW? I can’t answer that for you. But I can answer it for me. Here are just some of the reasons I shoot RAW. When you shoot in RAW, you bring back a digital file that has more information than if you shoot in JPG. More is better in this case. You can … Read More

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