Monthly Archives: October 2010

Time to research DSLR cameras

I will be buying a new camera after spring semester. I am leaning toward the Pentax cameras, since I already own several of them and have always liked the reliability and design of them.

I suspect that there will be a new model by then. I will see what happens and the features of the new models.

I have a K1000SE that I received as a gift in 1980 and an LX that was a gift in 1984. I love them both and am hoping that Pentax has maintained the standards they had in that era and before.

From what I have read, I can use the old lenses that I already own with the new bodies. There are disadvantages to using the old lenses, no auto focus, or any other auto features.


New ipod

The new iPod touch is great with wireless networks. Auto logs in on networks that need it.

Very nice, getting used to the keyboard is a different matter.

Blog moved to

Due to changes at Microsoft, I have moved this blog to a new home.
This means I now have to learn WordPress.