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Business Launched

My wife and I have launched our photography business. The main web site is at http://www.amomentoftimephotos.com and our image gallery is at http://gallery.amomentoftimephotos.com.  We provide portrait and wedding photography services for Northwestern Nevada.

If you wish to contact us about photographing an event for you, you can also use the form below.

We have launched our photography business

We have launched our portrait and wedding photography business in Reno, NV. Check out our gallery here and visit our website here.  If you live in the Reno area and are in need of a photographer, please consider us for your photography needs.



I have provided what I feel is a basic list of what is required for night photography of a city skyline.  I will begin posting the process in detail in a few days.

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Landscape Photographers – Watch Where You Put That Horizon (via Photofocus)

This can also apply to city scenes, if they are not level they can be slightly disturbing to the viewer. The viewer may not be able to say what bothers them but they will be uncomfortable about the image. This can be a subtle detail that many photographers forget.

Landscape Photographers - Watch Where You Put That Horizon It’s photo 101, but many landscape photographers are unaware of it. The horizon tends to look best when it doesn’t split the center of the image. Of course there are exceptions to every rule, but unless you can articulate with specificity why you want to do it differently, avoid puttin … Read More

via Photofocus