My Camera Equipment

The equipment I am currently using:

  • Pentax K-5
  • Pentax 18-55mm kit lens
  • Pentax 50-200mm Lens
  • Pentax Super Takumar 28mm 3.5 second model
  • older Bogen tripod that is heavy enough to handle a 4×5 view camera or suppress the vibrations of a Hasselblad mirror.
  • a Tamrac camera bag that I have had since high school.
  • Lastolite EzyBalance Calibration Card
  • Lastolite TriFlip 8:1 Reflector Kit
  • Photoflex Litedisc (silver)
  • Photoflex Litedisc (gold)
  • Norman 202 power pack with heads (small studio strobe system 400w/s)
  • Norman 2020 power pack with 2 heads (large studio strobe system 4000w/s)
  • Vivitar 3900 strobes (2), one is setup to work with a Quantum Battery 2
  • Wein safesync pc cord version
  • Gossen Multi-Pro light meter
  • Custom built increasing exposure length interval meter

Equipment I plan on experimenting with:

Equipment I want/need to acquire:

  • Pentax Limited prime lenses

Equipment I own but do not currently use:

  • Pentax K1000se (brown case)
  • Pentax LX
  • 2 Pentax spotmatics with 5 lenses and 2 teleconverters
  • several light meters

Retired or otherwise no longer in use:

  • Canon A720IS with chdk running on it.

This list is currently from memory, I will update it as I organize my equipment.

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