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Starting a new project for work

There is an ancient sensor system at work that detects if a golf ball goes through a certain hole and is connected to a doorbell.  This past winter the system get wet and died.  I am working on designing a system that will replace the existing one with one that has a more useful feature set.

The current feature set includes:

  • optical sensing (old physical switches get bent by the balls and stop working)
  • motion sensor (detect people crawling into the area to cheat)
  • local alarm for cheaters
  • local announcement of winner
  • remote display of winners
  • remote display of cheating
  • wireless to allow remote display to be moved as needed.
  • expandable wireless network to allow future addition of other nodes to enhance appearance of courses.

I am working on the prototypes of the sensor node and the display node.  I recently received two Adafruit Feather 32u4 RFM95 LoRa Radios and am working on code to use to test the range with the buildings involved.  I want to set up code that does not require a computer connected or a complex display to indicate a good connection.  I am currently using the RadioHead Library for Arduino to control the radios.

I recently built an infinity mirror. This is a prototype for a much larger mirror that I will be building for a local business that is opening later this year.  This one is running on an Arduino Uno and using FastLED to provide the control signaling for the LEDs.