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Fall Color

Kelley and I went for a drive yesterday (November 5,2016) to see if we could find any fall color left.  We drove from Reno, through the Carson Valley, down US395, across into Smith Valley and Wilson Canyon.  Then we went through Yerington and back to Reno.

Here are some of the photographs I took. I hope you like them.

nevada_fall_color-001 nevada_fall_color-002 nevada_fall_color-003 nevada_fall_color-004 nevada_fall_color-005 nevada_fall_color-006 nevada_fall_color-007

My Variable Interval Timer for long exposure photography

I have been working on my custom made variable interval timer for long exposure photography and now have all the initially planned functions working and have added a couple features. I consider it a fully funtional proof of concept/prototype.  I have searched and have not found anything like it except for hardware that depends on your cell phone to provide the interface and computing power, mine is completely stand alone.

The current feature list:

  • shutter speeds from 1 second to 4 hours in the standard single EV progression
  • timer to support the camera’s built in long exposure(dark frame) noise reduction (currently Pentax only)
  • trigger focus of the camera
  • field adjustable settings
    • starting exposure
    • number of exposures
    • enable/disable dark frame noise reduction
    • save 1 set of settings
    • recall saved settings
    • use current settings without saving
  • Known to work with Pentax(tested)
  • Should work with Canon(untested)
  • basic help screen

Potential future features(subject to change):

    • long exposure noise reduction support for Canon cameras
    • support for other cameras that have a wired remote connector
    • ability to save more than one set of settings

    To be able to confirm support for Canon cameras, I need access to one that has the 3/16″ remote connection to test with and determine how long the long exposure noise reduction exposures are, the save to card speed of the camera with a slow memory card, etc.

    If someone is interested and has the technical skills to make one themselves, they should contact me.

    Central Nevada landscape

    We went to Las Vegas, Nevada for Christmas. This was taken on the drive there from Reno.

    This panorama is build from sixteen HDR photos.  I will post more from the trip as I complete the editing process.

    Pentax K-5 longest automatic exposure

    To those that follow my blog, I was sick for about a month and did not have the energy to do much. I am feeling much better now and am resuming posting information and updates to here.

    I was reviewing the stats and noticed that people are searching about long exposures with the Pentax K-5.  The current firmware allows up to a 30 second exposure in the modes that will allow you to change settings that affect the shutter speed.  It is important to remember that this camera also provides a “B” or bulb mode and when set here the shutter is open as long as you hold down the shutter release.  When using “B” mode a remote is almost mandatory to avoid camera shake induced by the photographer touching the camera during the exposure.

    Here is an exposure made in “B” mode and a remote.

    Time Exposure

    Time Exposure ISO 100 F/11 97.0 sec


    The first day of the conference

    This gallery contains 29 photos.

    These photos are from the trip to Foster City, California by way of Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California.  This was how we started the Phi Theta Kappa Regional Convention.  This was Friday March 3, 2011.  I have photos from … Continue reading

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