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Update about the Artist Reception

We had an excellent turnout for the reception with lots of interest in the work.  In the next few days the gallery will have a display for prints set up and I will have prints of some of the hanging photographs in the print display.

I have also set up a web site for my fine art photography at artbyrichard.amomentoftimephotos.com and I will be adding photographs to the site as I work on art photography projects.

The new site currently contains photographs that are part of the “Downtown After Dark” project, High Dynamic Range landscape photography, water, and fall colors. All photographs on the site are available for purchase as prints by contacting me by email or phone through the new site.

Show Update — Teaser images Coming soon

I am in the fortunate position to have more photographs than I have space for in the show.  I have decided to post low resolution copies of some of the photographs that I do will not have room to display in the show here as teasers for the show.  Please remember that these photographs are copyrighted and all rights reserved, do not steal them.  If you are interested in any of these images please contact me to discuss the details.  I will post these photographs between now and the show opening.

Enjoy the photographs and remember you get paid for your job, I like to get paid for mine.