Monthly Archives: December 2008

Link to new time lapse video

Here is the link to the video of the drive in the snow storm.

We did get the expected storm

We did get the storm we were expecting.  I had to go out with all the people that have forgotten how to drive in the snow.
I set up my camera on a small tripod on the dash and took a series of time lapse images using CHDK and a script.  I set it up to take 1 image a second and it ran the alkaline batteries dead.  I have turned them into a quicktime movie that I will upload to youtube in a little while and I will post the link here.

Looks like we might get some snow this weekend.

I am sitting here listening to the wind howl outside as a storm is moving in…
The weather guessers as predicting snow in Reno this weekend.  I would like to see some to find out how my digital camera handles it.
I will upload a couple more photos over the weekend.

Video on this page

The video on this page is a time lapse series of pictures that cover a 10 minute period.
They were taken one afternoon with my Canon A720IS with the CHDK software and a script to take time lapse photos.
The video is timed to 1 second is 1 minute of real time.
I plan on doing several similar projects in the future. 

Camera that I currently use.

I am currently using a Canon A720IS.
I use CHDK firmware on it to improve the feature set of the camera.
I will post a link to the site for it later.

CHDK Wiki Software that runs on a large number of Canon Cameras and give a lot of control over the cameras.