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Here’s Why I Shoot RAW (via Photofocus)

The reasons in this article are why I run CHDK on my Canon A720IS and shoot in Raw mode with my Pentax K-5. I actually store them as DNG files with my K-5,  I feel it is a good idea to go with a published standard instead of a proprietary format. The more data that you can get into the computer, the more control of the resulting image you have.

Here's Why I Shoot RAW People seem to still struggle with this. Should you shoot JPEG or RAW? I can’t answer that for you. But I can answer it for me. Here are just some of the reasons I shoot RAW. When you shoot in RAW, you bring back a digital file that has more information than if you shoot in JPG. More is better in this case. You can … Read More

via Photofocus

An interesting technique for creating very interesting photos

I was just reading an interesting article about High Dynamic Range Photography at The Art of HDR Photography Part 1: Guides: Learn: Digital Photography Review.  The author provides a very through walk through of the details of the technique and why it can be useful.  I have worked with some HDR images using my Canon A720IS with the CHDK that I referenced in an earlier post.

This image is one of my attempts with HDR images.  The difference from the original files is in the shadows within the building and the additional detail in the shadows and the sagebrush.

Fort Churchill HDR

I achieved an interesting image by combining some night shots in downtown Reno.  The visible clouds and the bottom of the river are enhanced by the combining of the images.

Wingfield Park HDR-2

These and several other HDR images that I created are at my office live photos, here are thumbnails of them.

I plan on doing more of these images after I get the new camera next month.

We did get the expected storm

We did get the storm we were expecting.  I had to go out with all the people that have forgotten how to drive in the snow.
I set up my camera on a small tripod on the dash and took a series of time lapse images using CHDK and a script.  I set it up to take 1 image a second and it ran the alkaline batteries dead.  I have turned them into a quicktime movie that I will upload to youtube in a little while and I will post the link here.

Camera that I currently use.

I am currently using a Canon A720IS.
I use CHDK firmware on it to improve the feature set of the camera.
I will post a link to the site for it later.

CHDK Wiki Software that runs on a large number of Canon Cameras and give a lot of control over the cameras.