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Here’s Why I Shoot RAW (via Photofocus)

The reasons in this article are why I run CHDK on my Canon A720IS and shoot in Raw mode with my Pentax K-5. I actually store them as DNG files with my K-5,  I feel it is a good idea to go with a published standard instead of a proprietary format. The more data that you can get into the computer, the more control of the resulting image you have.

Here's Why I Shoot RAW People seem to still struggle with this. Should you shoot JPEG or RAW? I can’t answer that for you. But I can answer it for me. Here are just some of the reasons I shoot RAW. When you shoot in RAW, you bring back a digital file that has more information than if you shoot in JPG. More is better in this case. You can … Read More

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Night photography basic equipment

The Camera

The selected camera needs to have a manual mode that allows control of shutter speed, aperture (f-stop), and ISO (sensitivity).  Some cameras automatic systems can handle the exposure settings or at least start the photographer in the correct direction. An accurate preview system can also be a big help in seeing what you are getting.        A delay timer or a remote release is required to help eliminate camera shake.  It can be surprising what you can capture even the point and shoot digital cameras.  I have taken some very nice shots with my Canon A720IS.


If you are fortunate enough to have a dslr, experiment with your lenses.  This is like other landscape and cityscape photography, look for your shot and think about lens choice.

A Tripod

A solid tripod or another way to stabilize a camera is required.  If you try to hand hold the camera the shots will be blurry, some of the exposure times can exceed 1/10 of a second and it is a very rare person that can hand hold a camera for that long – even with image stabilization.

I will end this post with a couple of images I captured earlier this evening. Both of these were taken with my Pentax K-5 and my 55-200mm lens.

Cross northwest of UNR

Cross northwest of UNR

Downtown Reno from near the National Basque Monument

Downtown Reno from near the National Basque Monument.

Night photography

I am still exploring the abilities of my Pentax K-5 and did a couple of handheld night shots of downtown Reno from near TMCC.  The same general area as this image.

Reno skyline from the North
Reno skyline from the North

I will post one of them as soon as I get them into my laptop and check them out.  It looks good on the camera display, especially considering that it was taken without a tripod.

I will be going out in the next week or so at night with a tripod and explore just how well the camera will do with night-time shots. 

First Set of Images from my new camera

I have been getting to know my new camera and what it can do. The following 5 images are some of the results of this time.

The first image is of Reno, Nv from one of the parking lots at TMCC and is a High Dynamic Range image done by the in camera software automatically.

Reno skyline from the North

Reno skyline from the North

 The second is a test of the low light capabilities of the camera, this image is without a flash in a room light by three compact fluorescent bulbs.

One of the cats

available light photo at night in the house.


The next image is a highly cropped image of an owl in a nearby park.  The kit lens is to short for wildlife photography.

Sleeping Owl

Sleeping owl in the top of a cottonwood tree.


A path

an area in the same park


The last image for now is a picture of some moving water.

Evans Creek

a section of Evans Creek, north of downtown Reno, NV


So far I am impressed with the capabilities of this camera and the results I am getting with it.


I received a delivery today!!!

This gallery contains 7 photos.

I placed the order yesterday afternoon and the camera was delivered today, very fast service from amazon.com and Adorama.com. Photos of the unboxing process of my new Pentax K-5 DSLR.  I found two firmware updates for the camera had been released … Continue reading

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