Monthly Archives: January 2009

Back up to Lake Tahoe again

Today I was back up at Lake Tahoe for work and have decided that I need to really look into getting some snowshoes to be able to get some of the winter images that I would like to in the Sierras. 

I added a few more images in the photos area.

New Image

I had to go to Truckee for a job and there were some interesting clouds on the way up.  This image was taken in the rain with me holding the camera on the monopod in one hand and my hat over the camera with the other hand to keep the camera dry.

New Night Pictures

I took some more night shots tonight. They are of downtown Reno and I have uploaded one that I really like the way it came out. I have a couple others that I may upload later.

Reno Photo Club Meeting

I made it to the Reno Photo Club meeting last night.  They had a presentation of the Best of the Best of 2008 from international club compititions,  a bunch of very nice images.  I hope to be able to make it to their next meeting, which is a workshop photographing smoke trails.

Reno Photo Club

A couple of weeks ago I went to a meeting of Reno Photo Club.  It is the same club that my family was part of when I was a kid.

I plan on going to several meetings and see if it is something I want to get involved with.

Tomorrow night is another meeting and I am planning on going.