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Go Back & Shoot It Again (via Photofocus)

Good article and right on target. There are several landscapes that I take season after season and year after year. It can be very interesting to study the images from one area for a series of years and see how it has changed.

Go Back & Shoot It Again I was working with a workshop student several years ago who lamented that he’d “messed up his one chance to get a good shot of Mt. Rainier from Reflection Lake.” Really? One chance? Last time I checked, Mt. Rainer isn’t going anywhere. I suspect it’s been here longer than we have as human beings but if I’m off by a … Read More

via Photofocus

Back up to Lake Tahoe again

Today I was back up at Lake Tahoe for work and have decided that I need to really look into getting some snowshoes to be able to get some of the winter images that I would like to in the Sierras. 

I added a few more images in the photos area.

Reno Photo Club Meeting

I made it to the Reno Photo Club meeting last night.  They had a presentation of the Best of the Best of 2008 from international club compititions,  a bunch of very nice images.  I hope to be able to make it to their next meeting, which is a workshop photographing smoke trails.

Link to new time lapse video

Here is the link to the video of the drive in the snow storm.

Tahoe Trip 3-9-2008

The first set of photos are of a trip to Lake Tahoe on March 9, 2008.