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I am now offering photography lessons

I have had requests from individuals about teaching photography in a one on one or small group environment.  After serious deliberation, I have decided to offer classes in photography.  The details are available on our main website.

The lessons will be tailored to your photography goals and knowledge level with the idea of helping you take the best possible photographs.

If you are interested in scheduling lessons call me at 775-473-8939 or email me.

More night photography

I did some more time exposure photography while helping my wife with her final project for her film photography class.  I was along to keep her company and to be an assistant.

This image was taken from a scenic overlook southeast of Reno looking across Reno using my Pentax K-5.  I have some other night images of Reno that I will post in a few days now that I have some time since the semester is over.

Shot at ISO 80, F16, 302 sec.


I have provided what I feel is a basic list of what is required for night photography of a city skyline.  I will begin posting the process in detail in a few days.

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There seems to be a fair amount of interest in the subject of night photography so I will put together a basic equipment list and tutorial on the subject including examples.  This tutorial will be a mid range project, aka … Continue reading

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First Set of Images from my new camera

I have been getting to know my new camera and what it can do. The following 5 images are some of the results of this time.

The first image is of Reno, Nv from one of the parking lots at TMCC and is a High Dynamic Range image done by the in camera software automatically.

Reno skyline from the North

Reno skyline from the North

 The second is a test of the low light capabilities of the camera, this image is without a flash in a room light by three compact fluorescent bulbs.

One of the cats

available light photo at night in the house.


The next image is a highly cropped image of an owl in a nearby park.  The kit lens is to short for wildlife photography.

Sleeping Owl

Sleeping owl in the top of a cottonwood tree.


A path

an area in the same park


The last image for now is a picture of some moving water.

Evans Creek

a section of Evans Creek, north of downtown Reno, NV


So far I am impressed with the capabilities of this camera and the results I am getting with it.