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Pentax K-5 longest automatic exposure

To those that follow my blog, I was sick for about a month and did not have the energy to do much. I am feeling much better now and am resuming posting information and updates to here.

I was reviewing the stats and noticed that people are searching about long exposures with the Pentax K-5.  The current firmware allows up to a 30 second exposure in the modes that will allow you to change settings that affect the shutter speed.  It is important to remember that this camera also provides a “B” or bulb mode and when set here the shutter is open as long as you hold down the shutter release.  When using “B” mode a remote is almost mandatory to avoid camera shake induced by the photographer touching the camera during the exposure.

Here is an exposure made in “B” mode and a remote.

Time Exposure

Time Exposure ISO 100 F/11 97.0 sec