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Everyone Is Capable Of Making Photographs That Matter If…

Very good read and definitely worth thinking about.

Photofocus (old site)

Everyone Is Capable Of Making Photographs That Matter If…They can listen to their heart and avoid the trolls. In this world (which from my vantage point seems to be full of more hate, despair, snark and ugly people than ever.) Photography remains a shining light. Photography, when done from the heart, can make people laugh, cry, remember, act, react, change, plan, adapt and feel.

There are those among us who live bitter, unhappy lives. They can’t do these things. They can’t move people. They can’t even get attention unless they are shouting. These haters are jealous of any success you might have, because they themselves have always been worthless failures. They have the power to change. But they won’t.

So you should shun them. You should avoid and ignore them at all cost. You should block them out of your life in every way. Even if it’s your own family…

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