How did I do that?

I have returned to the need to log the details of images as I capture them on film.  It seems that nobody is making a paper photo log anymore and I spent several hours looking for software either for my android phone or my iPod touch that met my requirements including not needing a data connection to record the data and the ability to export the data in a form that I could work with on my computers.  I did not have any luck finding one that someone else had created, it seems that nobody has found a need to track this information on a portable device.

The solution that I came up with and spent the morning implementing is using a database software called Memento by LuckyDroid for my android phone.  This is an ad-supported version and they have a “Pro” version for $9.99USD that is ad free and provides faster support.  I chose this software and route because it allowed me to create all of the fields that I wanted, in the order I wanted, does not require a data connection to store the information, and a free version to allow me to set it up and see if it meets my needs before spending money on something that my not do what I need.

Here is a list of the fields I currently have set up:

Roll: allows multiple rolls to be in one database
Frame: frame number on the roll
Shutter Speed
F stop
Distance: camera to subject distance
Notes: misc notes about settings, weather, anything that does not fit another field
Location: address is available, latitude and longitude thanks to GPS in my phone and google maps.

Thanks to the well written database software I will be able to revise this list as I find the need to.

Having these records of how the images were created is very important in the evaluation process of the resulting images.  It allows for the recreation of an effect from one image in the creation of new ones allowing for the creation of a series of images with a similar look and feel.


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