Night photography basic equipment

The Camera

The selected camera needs to have a manual mode that allows control of shutter speed, aperture (f-stop), and ISO (sensitivity).  Some cameras automatic systems can handle the exposure settings or at least start the photographer in the correct direction. An accurate preview system can also be a big help in seeing what you are getting.        A delay timer or a remote release is required to help eliminate camera shake.  It can be surprising what you can capture even the point and shoot digital cameras.  I have taken some very nice shots with my Canon A720IS.


If you are fortunate enough to have a dslr, experiment with your lenses.  This is like other landscape and cityscape photography, look for your shot and think about lens choice.

A Tripod

A solid tripod or another way to stabilize a camera is required.  If you try to hand hold the camera the shots will be blurry, some of the exposure times can exceed 1/10 of a second and it is a very rare person that can hand hold a camera for that long – even with image stabilization.

I will end this post with a couple of images I captured earlier this evening. Both of these were taken with my Pentax K-5 and my 55-200mm lens.

Cross northwest of UNR

Cross northwest of UNR

Downtown Reno from near the National Basque Monument

Downtown Reno from near the National Basque Monument.


One response to “Night photography basic equipment

  1. I forgot to include an external light meter and a small flashlight (with a red lens, if available)

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