Trip to local park

I went to Rancho San Rafael Park that has  a “nature area” yesterday with my wife and another couple to take pictures and allow the other couple to see the area. We spent about an hour and a half there taking photos and exploring the area. This is the same area that I took the photo of the owl posted the other day and seems to be a good area to photograph wildlife.  Since I took that photo I received the rest of the camera equipment I had ordered including the 50-200mm lens and I have been working with the new lens.


Heavily cropped photo of a small woodpecker taken with my 50-200mm lens at 200mm.


I have determined that I will need to pick up a larger capacity SD card to use with this camera since I am shooting most of the images in raw mode and the current 8gb card is filling up fast.  I am starting to look for good deals on 16gb or larger high-speed SDHC and SDXC cards.  I would be interested in hearing experiences with larger SD cards and places that have them.


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